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Croatian business bounces back from a loss in 2017 to a healthy profit last year

By  Jun 05, 2019

Croatian business turned a net loss into a net profit according to new figures just released showing that in 2018 Croatian businesses earned 28.3 billion Kuna. If you take into that in 2017 Croatian businesses made a net loss of almost 3.1 billion Kuna this is quite an impressive turnaround.

The figures from the state Financial Agency show that there are 131,117 businesses across the country that are in the taxation on profit bracket and in 2018 they earned revenues of 751.2 billion Kuna, with their expenses around 715 billion Kuna. It must be pointed out that the real figure on profits would be higher if banks, insurance companies and financial institutions were also calculated. However, the profit and these three large organisations are separate from the rest of business.

Compared to 2017, the profit earned by businesses rose by 15.2 percent while the loss dropped by 57.4 percent. This all resulted in a net profit of more than 28.2 billion Kuna. In 2017, a net loss of slightly below 3.1 billion Kuna was incurred.

The Croatian company with the highest revenue was the petrol and oil giant INA, in 2018 they reported revenues of 18.4 billion Kuna, which also gave them the largest profit in 2018 at 1.3 billion Kuna.


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