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A third of Croatians want to continue working after retirement Pixabay

A third of Croatians want to continue working after retirement

By  May 30, 2019

Every third respondent would like to work after retiring, either full or part time while about 40% would work only if they would not have enough finances to survive and 15% would not work in any circumstances in their senior years, shows the results of a survey conducted by the MojPosao job search web site on a sample of 2,800 respondents, reports HINA. 

One-third of the surveyed people want to work after retiring and low income is not the only motive for that, the survey showed and indicated that people with a higher education were more apt to continue working in their senior years, MojPosao reported.

The survey indicated that 35% of the respondents were open to the possibility of working, with 9% stating they would continue working full-time and 26% said they would like to work part-time.

Of those respondents willing to continue working, 40% had higher education qualifications, 30% had secondary school qualifications and 35% had elementary school qualifications. The survey also showed that people with higher incomes were more prone to work after retiring.

Older respondents were more likely to accept working after retiring and as many as 53% who were older than 46 would work after retiring, while 36% of those aged between 36 and 45 would as would 32% of those aged between 26 and 35.

Almost 70% would continue doing their 'old' job while one-third would do something else and women were more apt for a change than men.


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