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Croatian diaspora could well decide European future

By  May 22, 2019

A massive number of diaspora voters could well have the final say who represents Croatia in the upcoming European elections. The number of diaspora registered on the electoral roll has increased incredibly from 3,637 in 2014 to 154,358 today, reports Jutarnji List.

On Sunday the 26th of May Croatia will go to the voting booths to select their MEPs for the European Parliament, currently Croatia is entitled to 11 MEPs but this could well increase to 12 after Brexit when EU members will gain extra seats.

And it could well be the diaspora who decides Croatia’s European Union future, as their number has grown by an incredible 4,244 percent since the last time there were European Union elections in 2014.

Jutarnji List points out that the main reason for this huge jump in the diaspora electoral roll is a law that was passed in 2015 which made it possible for voters abroad not to have to physically register, instead all voters are automatically registered just by having an identification card.

In total there are 3.8 million Croatian eligible to vote on Sunday the 26th of May, of which 3.67 actually live in the country and 154,358 are not residents. Not only are these diaspora voters numerous and could well swing a majority, but they also could well decide the future of Croatia in the European Union. The vast majority of these diaspora don’t pay taxes in Croatia and a large majority have never even been to the country and yet their votes could shape the European political scene.

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