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Istria in the top 10 essential European destinations to visit this year by Lonely Planet Pula and Rovinja are just some of the places that you just have to visit in Istria

Istria in the top 10 essential European destinations to visit this year by Lonely Planet

By  May 21, 2019

Lonely Planet, a place where many travelers seek for their destinations, has published their 'Best in Europe' list, bringing 10 essential European destinations to visit this year. One of them is in Croatia – lovely Istria, placed on the 10th place of the list.

-Lonely Planet’s travel experts have been scouring the remote coastlines, buzzing cities and unheralded regions of Europe in search of the best places to visit this year – authors explain, adding that these 10 destinations are the most exciting spots on the continent right now – a mixture of reinvigorated mainstays and lesser-known marvels that feel primed to step into the spotlight in 2019.

When it comes to Istria, this is what they write: -Whether it’s the heart-shaped peninsula’s limestone riviera, grand monuments or fondness for fine foods (and weakness for wine!), there’s a touch of the regal about Istria in northern Croatia – perhaps that’s why it proved such an object of desire for the Romans, Venetians and Austro-Hungarians, who tussled over this beautiful, fertile land for centuries.

Lonely Planet explains that today, the peninsula is yours to claim, with expanding European flight connections making it ever easier to reach.

-Begin with the history (Pula’s imposing Roman Amphitheatre and Porec’s Unesco-listed mosaics for starters), move to the beaches (Mulini for atmosphere or Felsen Strand for seclusion), and crown it all off with the more recent additions: gourmet cycle tours during spring, music festivals in summer and truffle-hunting excursions come autumn – it's stated in the article.

You can see the full list here.

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