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German companies the best employers in Croatia

Written by  May 16, 2019

The popular job-seeking website “MojPosao” carried out a survey with almost 20,000 respondents on the current state of the job market in Croatia. The results show that German retail chains are the most sought after employers, with the DM market coming in as the best employer in the country. In fact, this is the tenth year in a row that DM has been voted as the best employer in Croatia.

Germans dominate the top employers in Croatia, after DM the top four list included four German companies, Lidl and Mueller Zagreb, with the top domestic employer being the electric car manufacturer Rimac.

According to 31 percent of respondents, harmonious relations in the workplace are crucial for making an employer attractive, while 30 percent cited job security as important. An employer's social responsibility is the third most desirable factor, while the chance to rise in company ranks was mentioned as the least important one.


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