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Stressful day in Croatia Stressful day in Croatia

Almost a third of Croatians suffer from stress

By  May 08, 2019

Almost a third of Croatian citizens believe that they are living under high levels of stress, according to a new survey Gallup. Although the Mediterranean laidback lifestyle may look care free and simple, it is clearly more stressful than it appears.

The research shows that the age group between 18 and 49 years-old is the most vulnerable to anxiety and in total 31 percent of the people questioned said they suffered from high levels of stress.

Whilst Croatia’s 31 percent might seem high it is still well below many other European countries, Greece recorded the highest levels in the Gallup survey with a whopping 59 percent of the population feeling under pressure. And the US is clearly a stressful place to live and work with 55 percent saying they suffered.

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