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Croatian bank to delete Facebook account

By  May 05, 2019

One of the largest banks in Croatia, Zagrebačka Banka, is turning its back on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. The Zagreb bank, which is part of the UniCredit Group, has announced that from the 1st of June this year it will completely abandon these forms of social media.

This move comes as a result of last year's huge argument between the world’s largest social network and the Italian bank UniCredit, after customer’s private details were leaked through Facebook.

The group decided to discontinue Facebook as an advertising platform in 2018 because of countless data scandals, but now they have decided to abandon the platform entirely and will become the first Croatian bank to stop using Facebook.

Zagrebačka Banka has just over 55,000 Likes on Facebook and the whole UniCredit group has 555,000 followers. They have announced that they will continue to use other social media platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube.

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