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Croatians apathetic about upcoming EU elections

By  Apr 26, 2019

Croatians are far from excited about the upcoming European Parliament elections in May with only 17 percent stating that they would bother to vote, according to a Eurobarometer survey.

Across the whole of the European Union roughly a third of citizens said that they were planning to vote in the elections, which will be held between the 23rd and 26th of May. Croatians are seemingly completely uninterested in the work of the EU and even their MEP’s as the results from this survey clearly show. Even though Croatia is the youngest member of the European Union, joining in July 2013, they seem very apathetic about the future of the EU parliament.

Although ironically 62 percent of Croatian quizzed in the Eurostat survey thought that membership was a positive thing for the country. And when asked in the survey if they were in favour of a Brexit-style exit of the European Union just over 50 percent of Croatians said that they wanted to stay in the EU.

The turnout in the last elections for the European Parliament in Croatia, in 2014, was 25 percent but the rate among young people was only 13 percent.


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