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Little girl that has shown how big is the heart of Croatia gets her first medical results – and they are great!

By  Apr 23, 2019

Little girl that united Croatia and made all Croatians work as one, Mila Roncevic, is on the medical treatment in United States, where she is fighting leukemia. Her father, Marin Roncevic, shared good news on his Facebook profile.

- Dear all, to avoid writing to every single of you, because it will take me ten days - we got the first feedback after starting the therapy. The results are so good that they can’t be better and Mila feels great… Thank God and everyone who pray and think about her and who have enabled Mila to get this opportunity, even though it is a long way before us, we are already witnessing the miracle – Mila’s father wrote. There are still many challenges ahead of whole family. Still, with a positive attitude and support throughout Croatia and beyond, we are confident that they will do everything in their power to overcome the illness that made this beautiful little girl spend her second birthday in the US hospital.

For those who don’t know, Mila Roncevic went to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia at the beginning of this month, after a massive fundraising action for her treatment that included numerous people from Croatia and all over the world.

According to the latest data 5,758,499.25 dollars were collected, or 38,114,540 kuna by huge amount of donors.

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