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Croatia is the cradle of football

Written by  Jun 10, 2016

Yesterday on Bačvice the most famous beach in Split appeared a sand replica of a Roman monument of Gaius Laber a boy who died at age 7 under unknown circumstances. Today he is considered to be one of the most famous boys in Dalmatia and one of the first football players. He became famous for the gravestone erected in his honour at the turn of the 1st to 2nd century B.C. which represents the boy holding a ball adorned with hexagons and which is considered to be the first illustration of the football ball.

In 1969 an amateur archaeologist Josip Bepo Britvic introduced the monument to the public and claimed that the Cetina region was the cradle of football. The euphoria was even bigger when FIFA in its bulletin FIFA NEWS published the article about this archaeological discovery, put the photo of the boy on the front page and confirmed that the boy held the hexagon ball in his hands.

FIFA has claimed that archaeological discovery from Sinj is very important information for the archaeology and football fans.
The author of this piece on Bačvice obviously wanted to remind everyone, with the upcoming European tournament beginning today, that Croatia is the cradle of football.

The exact monument was unearthed in the mid 19 century at the ancient site of the Roman military camp and brought to Sinj where it was built into a family house of Perkovic.

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