Wednesday, 21 August 2019

BIH dominates Croatian foreign born citizens

By  Apr 22, 2019

Croatia is one of the European countries that has the highest amount of immigrants as a percentage of the overall population. However, this latest data from the European union statistic service, Eurostat, is a little misleading.

The vast majority of the immigrants, born outside of Croatia but living in the country, actually come from neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely the Croatian dominated part of the country, Herzegovina.

According to the latest census 584,947 foreign born people live in Croatia, which when you consider that the overall population is only 4.1 million it is a relatively large section. Breaking down the total a massive 70 percent, or 409,000 were born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, followed by 9 percent from Serbia, 6 percent from Germany, 3.5 percent from Kosovo and 3.4 percent from Slovenia.

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