Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Chinese to build €150 million near Zagreb

By  Apr 22, 2019

The Chinese company, Z-Run WellTon, have announced that they will construct a new football stadium in the city of Velika Gorica, around 17 kilometres south of the capital Zagreb. The new sporting complex will not only include a 30,000 to 35,000 seater stadium but also a complete sports camp.

"The City of Velika Gorica presented investment opportunities in sports infrastructure, which includes a stadium with adjoining facilities...The Chinese delegation visited the plot of land which the stadium would be built on, and as a result, we formally signed the agreement today," commented the Mayor of Velika Gorica, Drazen Barisic.

According to reports the new stadium will be similar to the Astana Arena in Kazakhstan. As the local football club, NK Gorica, currently has problems filling an 8,000 seater stadium the business plan for the future still hasn’t been revealed. Clearly the local football team couldn’t make the stadium finically viable by themselves so the stadium would have to attract other major events.

"We know Croatian football fans expect more quality in the local sports infrastructure, especially the stadiums, and we are excited that we can be part of this important project," commented the Chinese construction company.

In fact, this is the second football stadium that a Chinese company will build in Croatia after it was announced last week that Rijeka Football Club have also signed contracts with a Chinese construction company.

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