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UNESCO designates Croatian island with Global Geopark Label Vis Archipelago UNESCO Global Geopark

UNESCO designates Croatian island with Global Geopark Label

By  Apr 19, 2019

The UNESCO list of geological parks has increased for eight new places in South America, Asia and Europe, and the UNESCO Executive Council has decided, and among the three European parks to designate one Croatian island.

UNESCO’s Executive Board yesterday approved the designation of eight new sites demonstrating the diversity of the planet’s geology as new Geoparks. The Executive Board also approved the extension of three existing Geoparks. With this year’s additions, the number of sites in the Global UNESCO Geoparks Network is brought to 147 in 41 countries.

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“The Vis Archipelago UNESCO Global Geopark is located off the coast of Croatia, formed by some of the oldest rock in the Adriatic Sea. The northeastern region of the archipelago features large sand deposits formed by fierce winds in the Ice Age, which also created several unique caves and land formations. Before the sudden rise of the sea level around 12,000 years ago, these islands were much larger and extended more than 20 miles. In this extended area, called the Mala Palagruža, archaeologists discovered flint quarries that served for the production of early tools, believed to have been made by the islands’ first inhabitants up to 8,000 years ago. Some of the most famous sites on this Archipelago are the Blue Cave (Modra špilja) and the Monk Seal Cave (Medvidina špilja)”, stated UNESCO on the inclusion of Vis on the Geopark list.

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