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Croatian music festival in top 30 most Instagrammed in the world Ultra Europe

Croatian music festival in top 30 most Instagrammed in the world

By  Apr 18, 2019

As the summer is just around the corner and the music from festivals all over the world can just be heard in the distance the popular website has released a list of the top 50 Most Popular Music Festivals in the World, According to Instagram. And Croatia features in the top thirty with the crazily popular Ultra Europe Festival in Split coming in at a respectable 29th position.

The dedicated crew at Cool Camping have been busy surfing social media and all that hard work has brought a quite impressive list. “This year, to help you out, the Cool Camping clan have put our heads together to work out which music festivals are the world's favourites, with a little help from Instagram. We took to the photo sharing platform to find out which music festivals are the most popular based on how often they had been hashtagged on the social media site,” commented the website. Adding that “In order to compile our list of the top 50 music festivals in the world, we curated a list of 162 of the biggest and best festivals, taken from countless articles, and sources listing the must-visit music festivals around the world. We then crawled Instagram to identify how many posts on Instagram had been hashtagged with the name of each festival and ranked the festivals based on this number to identify our top 50.”

And the top of the list, with an incredible 4.2 million hashtag mentions, was the American music festival Coachella, which is held in California. In fact, seven of the top ten most Instagrammed festivals were in the US. Which either tells us that Americans do music festivals the best, or they are the most active with their smartphones when attending festivals.

Croatia’s Ultra Europe Festival received a whopping 137,343 hashtag mentions.

“Unsurprisingly, Glastonbury has sealed the number one spot for the UK, with an impressive 731,742 hashtags. This five-day festival needs little introduction, incorporating the latest music, dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and more across over 100 stages – the tickets for the 2019 festival sold out in just 36 minutes,” comments Cool Camping on the leading British music festival.

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