Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Almost 70 percent of cars in Croatia are over 10 years old

By  Apr 18, 2019

In almost all categories, Croatia has relatively old vehicles. On average, cars with are 12.6 years old, motorcycles and mopeds are 12.5 years old, while tractors are over 30 years old – shows the data from the Croatian Vehicle Center, reports.

Statistics of this center show that in 2018 79,935 used cars were registered in Croatia and 61,745 new personal cars, but also that the number of imported used cars is growing every year, especially after Croatia joined the European Union.

Data also shows that 68.4 percent of the cars is older than a decade!

In addition to the mentioned categories, buses are on average 11.7 years old, cargo cars 11.4 years, and trailers are 19.1 year old.


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