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EU Parliament finally guarantees equal playing field for products

By  Apr 18, 2019

The days of poorer quality detergent, chocolate spread and toothpaste, to name but a few, in Croatia are behind us as the European Parliament voted to ban double quality standards. For years Croatia, and the whole of the south-east region of Europe, has been sold poorer quality products from leading brands, but in most cases for the same price as they are in the rest of Europe.

With 474 votes for, 163 against and 14 abstentions, the European Parliament yesterday confirmed new rules for the protection of European consumers, including the ban on the different qualities of apparently identical products. In this way, double quality products will in the future be regarded as deceptive practices and will be banned.

This means that the products cannot have different ingredients in the eastern market (the different is generally of inferior quality) compared to the product marketed in the western market, without being in any way different, that they are in the same packaging and that the buyer therefore busy exactly the same product. "No one will ever be able to claim that Croatians or Bulgarians, for example, are looking for less healthy foods, deteriorating laundry detergents, or poor quality detergents," commented the Croatia MEP Biljana Borzan.

And Borzan commented on her social media account that “After six years of work it is a great victory for citizens of the new members of the EU.”

But the struggle for consumer equality in the European market is not over just yet. Firstly, the new directive needs to be confirmed by the EU Council, or the Ministers of the Member States. Although it is expected that this will be a formality.

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