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Employees of Croatian supermarket giant to receive Easter bonus

By  Apr 17, 2019

Employees of the largest supermarket chain in Croatia will have a happy Easter as the CEO has decided to give them all a 700 Kuna Easter bonus as well as a free day on Easter Monday.

All workers in Konzum will get a long Easter weekend as the supermarket giant has decided to close all their stores on Easter Sunday and Monday as well as a bonus.

"I believe that the decision to pay the bonus as well as the free day on Easter Monday is the best indicator of how much we value our employees and their contribution to achieving excellent business results for Konzum. I wish all of my colleagues a happy and pleasant upcoming holidays," said Slavko Ledic, the CEO of Konzum.

So if you were thinking of doing your Easter holiday shopping in Konzum you’ll have to go a day before, on the Saturday.

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