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Croatia egg industry sees massive growth in exports Pixabay

Croatia egg industry sees massive growth in exports

By  Apr 16, 2019

Easter is just around the corner brining more good news for the already buoyant Croatian egg industry. Exports of Croatian eggs rose by a massive 133 percent in 2018 and amounted to an impressive 2.1 million Euros in value or around 24 million eggs.

At the same time imports of eggs fell by 28 percent in 2018, when compared with 2017, to around 5 million Euros. Meaning that the gap between imports and exports closed significantly, although home-grown eggs are still considerably outnumbered on the market.

And on the eve of Easter, one of the busiest periods for the egg industry, it is hoped that the gap will once again be closed. Even though statistics show that in March this year 6 million eggs were imported into the country.

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