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Zagreb Airport struggling to attract low-cost airlines Pixabay

Zagreb Airport struggling to attract low-cost airlines

By  Apr 14, 2019

The capital’s airport is looking to attract more low-cost airlines as it considers a new business model, according to a report on the specialised website EX-YU Aviation.

Zagreb Airport's General Manager, Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, commented that "We understand the principles by which low cost carriers do business and we are attempting to find ways to cooperate with them. However, as an airport that handles over two million passengers per year, we have certain obligations which are regulated by the European Union. The two main rules we have to abide by are transparency and a non-discriminatory policy for all airlines. Of course, if low cost carriers find some other ways to subsidise their arrival into Zagreb, we are fully prepared to cooperate".

Over 90 percent of the passengers that arrive at Zagreb Airport come on full service carriers, with low-cost carriers accounting for only 10 percent of passenger arrivals. It is believed that the high cost the Croatia government charges the management company is the main reason why low cost airlines are deterred from landing in Zagreb. Only one budget airline, Eurowings, maintained a regular service to Zagreb last winter but even they commented that the landing charges are “significantly higher than most major European airports, making it less appealing for low cost carriers".

EX-Yu Aviation reports that following the opening of the new passenger terminal in 2017 saw fees increased by two Euros to a total of seventeen Euros per international passenger.

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