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How many hours a week are Europeans working? Pixabay

How many hours a week are Europeans working?

By  Apr 14, 2019

The average working week in the European Union lasts for 40.2 hours. According to latest available from Eurostat from 2017, men across Europe work on average 41 hours per week whilst women work 39.3 hours a week.

People employed in the mining and quarrying sector work the longest - 42 hours on average, while the shortest working week in education - 38.1 hours.

Inside the EU the longest working week is in the United Kingdom - 42.1 hours. Followed by Switzerland (41.8), Cyprus (41.6), Austria (41.3), Greece and Portugal (41 hours). And the lowest working week is in Denmark, which is the only country with less than 38 hours per week - 37.8 hours.

Taking into consideration the non-EU countries covered by the survey, the longest working week is in Turkey – 49.1 hours. Followed by Island (44), Montenegro (43.6) and Northern Macedonia (42.3).

The Eurostat survey also covers four Western Balkan countries. The working week is the shortest in Croatia - 40.4 hours, followed by Slovenia - 40.9 hours. In Northern Macedonia the average is 42.3 hours a week, and most in Montenegro 43.6 hours per week.