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VIDEO – Zagorje will take your breath away Screenshot

VIDEO – Zagorje will take your breath away

By  Apr 12, 2019

Croatia is full of beauty and thanks to the numerous platforms to share photos and videos, you can now see and fall in love with places that you still haven't even visited. That will happen to you if you watch the newest promotional video 'Zagorje – A fairy tale at hand', made by Visit Zagorje in cooperation with production house Krijas. The video was shot at over 30 locations in Zagorje, with around 60 locals taking part!

Magnificent nature, views to die for – this is just a short description of the video and the region that is often neglected by tourists who usually want to go south. Zagorje, placed in nothern Croatia, separated from Zagreb by Medvednica mountain is well worth visiting. If you don't believe us – just take a look at the video. And book your trip!

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