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Overbooking along Croatian coast Overbooking along Croatian coast

Croatian Adriatic coastline fully booked

By  Jun 09, 2016

This year foreign tourists have booked their hotel accommodation at favourable prices in the Adriatic much earlier than before and domestic tourists will ''pay the price'' of such increased interest from abroad.

By the end of June when Croatian citizens will have the opportunity to combine two public holidays into a little vacation it will be very hard to find rooms available in the hotels along the Adriatic coastline. Due to a great interest foreign tourists have shown for the Adriatic this year, hoteliers didn't have to adjust their prices to offer ''last minute'' arrangements or discounts for domestic guests so the prices are now much higher than most of Croatian citizens are willing to pay at this time of the year. However, no matter how high the price actually is now domestic guests will hardly find any rooms available this month simply because everything has been booked in advance by foreign tourists.

If you ask the hoteliers in the Adriatic about the booking in June most of them will gladly answer that they are already ''overbooked'' i.e. interest of foreign guests is much bigger than the accommodation capacity available at the moment.
On the other hand, private renters are looking forward to the upcoming public holidays hoping that many domestic guests will come to stay in their apartments. It is estimated that around 180,000 domestic guests will visit the Adriatic in June most of whom will book their accommodation with private renters.

''The fact is that foreign tourists have booked their accommodation in Croatia much earlier than before because they appraised that most of the capacity would be sold to those who are coming to Croatia for the first time this year in order to avoid some other countries. That's why the booking was at a very high level already this winter. My opinion is that this situation will not affect the growth of our statistical numbers as much it will positively reflect on our financial results. Due to this increased interest of foreign guests our tourism employees managed to reach much better prices and income in the tourism industry will be much higher than in 2015. This year in June we have offered the same prices as we did last year, we have made no special offers or discounts. However, the prices will be slightly higher in July and August in comparison to 2015'', commented Boris Zgomba the president of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA).

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