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Croatian online marketplace makes record revenues in 2018

By  Apr 06, 2019

The popular Croatian online sales engine “Njuškalo” made a healthy 65 million Kuna of revenue in 2018, up by 16 percent in 2017. The company reported this week that profits and revenue were up in 2018 with profits before tax around 11 million Kuna, or 18 percent more than in 2017.

"In our strategy for up to 2020, we have a target of 100 million in revenue and a profit margin of around 20 percent, with a strong investment in technology development. We are proud of the results so far and a sensational increase in revenue and profits that show that nothing is left to the chance, behind all this is quality work, innovation and a good collective,” commented Sanda Soptija Šiljak, the Chief Executive Officer of Njuškalo.

Emphasizing that the link between financial success and the satisfaction of employees, Soptija Šiljak added that constant education and recognition of employee creativity has led Njuškalo to become the first in the market with trends and innovations and have become one of the largest digital companies in Croatia and a leading 'marketplace' in the wider region.

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