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Grape production rises in 2018 Grape production rises in 2018 Pixabay

Croatian agriculture output increases in 2018

By  Apr 03, 2019

2018 was certainly a great year in Croatia for some sectors of the agricultural industry, with statistics just released by the National Bureau of Statistics figures show that mandarin production was up a massive 156 percent compared to 2017.

There were increases across many of the markets in 2018, with apple production up 64 percent, plums 78 percent, figs 32 percent and pears 29 percent.

But it wasn’t all good news for the citrus fruit industry with nectarines down on 2017 and also strawberries down by 17 percent in 2018.

The two traditional crops of Dalmatia, olives and grapes, had mixed fortunes last year. Olive production dropped by 2 percent and almost 28,500 tonnes were produced. Whilst grape production increased by a whopping 23 percent to 143,000 tonnes.

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