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Croatian Democratic Union on course to be Croatia’s European voice

By  Mar 31, 2019

Croatians seem to more than happy with the ruling party and will continue to support them in the upcoming European elections in May, at least according to the latest poll. The European parliament has carried out a poll on Friday and it reveals that of the 12 seats up for grabs in the EU parliament half are predicted to go to the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) with the other six divided between the opposition parties.

These latest projections show that HDZ would win just over 30 percent of the votes, meaning six seats in the new assembly, followed by SDP with around 19 percent of votes assuring them three MEP seats.

It is expected that the remaining three seats will be divided amongst the other opposition parties, with the populist party Zivi Zid (Human Shield) on course to win their first ever European seat. Zivi Zid has long since campaigned that Croatia should leave the European Union, as well as leaving NATO.

In spite of a number of political gaffs in recent time the support of HDZ remains strong and they should, if the predictions are correct, keep their stronghold on Croatian MEP seats.

In May, candidates across Europe will compete for seats in the new 705-seat assembly, downsized from the current 751 due to United Kingdom's pending exit from the European Union. The upcoming removal of UK's 73 seats resulted in a new apportionment for the remaining 27 EU member countries, with Croatia's quota increased from 11 to 12 MEPs.

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