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Unemployment rate continues to fall in Croatia

Written by  Mar 29, 2019

Croatia’s unemployment rate has fallen once again and in February stood at 10.2 percent, down 2.1 percent compared to the same month from last year. In February the number of unemployed people in Croatia was 156,400.

The unemployment rate might normally be cause for optimism; however, the real story is more depressing. By far the biggest reason for the decrease in unemployed has nothing to do with new companies opening or a more prosperous economy, no, the reason for the drop in the unemployment rate is greatly connected to the shrinking population as hundreds of thousands of people have left Croatia to find jobs in other EU members states.

The spring months are traditionally used to prepare for the summer tourist season, which means the unemployment levels are expected to continue dropping in the coming months, as increasing numbers of Croatians are likely to look for seasonal jobs in tourism and all sectors related to it, including retail and services.

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