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Croatians love to have fun at work

By  Mar 28, 2019

The latest research by the website MojPosao about the good atmosphere at work brought some interesting facts.

Most respondents believe that a good atmosphere has a positive effect on business. So even 9 out of 10 respondents believe that having fun can help reduce stress levels and tension in the work environment (92 percent). They also believe that employees with good humor work better with colleagues (91 percent) and see having fun at work as good method of improving interpersonal relationships (90 percent).

Working with people who like to have fun favors 73% of survey participants, while an equal number of surveyed (72 percent) think that companies with no sense of humor usually have dissatisfied employees. On the other hand, 7 percent of respondents say that jokes, laughter, and "playful attitude" are signs of immaturity and unprofessionalism, and 13 percent of respondents came to the conclusion that "if you are having fun, you are certainly not working".

By making colleagues laugh, with the help of jokes and humor, 71 percent of the respondents try to improve the atmosphere at work, while 55 percent of people try to have fun at work whenever that’s possible. Approximately one third of people (36 percent) think that they are working at the entertaining place, while 16 percent of Croatians sometimes feel at work "as they’re playing." This is probably related to the fact that only a quarter of respondents (24 percent) claimed that their superiors encourage employees to have fun at work.

Women have a more positive attitude towards having fun at work than men

Despite the fact that having fun at work is very important for men (68 percent) and women (65 percent), there are clearly noticeable differences between them. Male respondents to a greater extent (56 percent) consider that working hours must be reserved for work only, not for making jokes. Women chose that answer in 40 percent of cases. Almost a quarter of men (24 percent) don’t expect to be entertained at work, with only 17 percent of women agreeing with this attitude. However, there are similarities - over 90 percent of male and female respondents believe that fun at work helps reduce tension and stress, while simultaneously empowering relationships.

As it would be expected, as the age of the respondents was lower, their readiness for entertainment in the working environment was greater. This thesis is confirmed by the fact that 69 percent of respondents under the age of 30 consider fun to be very important part of work. This figure is somewhat lower among those between 31 and 40 (67 percent) and among employees older than 42 (60 percent). In addition, 55 percent of workers over the age of 41 claim that job time is reserved for work, not for entertainment. This attitude is shared by around 40 percent of younger respondents. Older workers, compared to younger respondents, to a lesser extent prefer work with colleagues who like to have fun, while those under the age of 30 are most happy with current employment.

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