Sunday, 19 May 2019
Eurovision: Croatian 'Dream' has a low chance to come true Screenshot

Eurovision: Croatian 'Dream' has a low chance to come true

By  Mar 11, 2019

According to the official website, 64 days are left until the biggest music competition in the world - Eurovision. A total of 42 songs that will represent their countries is out and now it's the time for the betting to start!

First predictions are here and the favourite is Netherlands with Duncan Laurence performing Arcade, followed by Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy.

Surprisingly, Croatian representative Roko Blazevic with his song Dream has been placed really low on the list – he's currently 35th. We say suprisingly because just a couple of days ago, one of the most popular Eurovision based websites 'wiwibloggs' has published that Croatia has a great chance to win the competition, since 20 percent of the votes in their online poll for the favourite Eurovision song went to Roko and his Dream.

But nothing is lost since these are just first predictions. In a bit over 60 days there will be an answer to the question: Will Croatian dream of winning Eurovision come true?

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