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Protests for education reform in Croatia Sandra Simunovic / CROPIX

Protests for education reform in Croatia

By  Jun 02, 2016

Following the rallies all around Europe the biggest protest ever was held in Croatia, yesterday. Under the slogan ''Croatia Can Do Better'' more than 40,000 people throughout Croatia and from abroad protested at 6pm on the 1st of June supporting the reform of the education system.

The city squares in Zagreb and in a dozen other Croatian cities were flooded with people who protested against primitivism and interfering of the politics in the education system.

Croatia has long planned to carry out reform of its education system in order to bring it in line with the EU standards but little progress has been made since 2013 when it became the EU member.

Mr Jokic the leader of an expert team in charge of the education reform resigned recently due to the pressure from the conservative government. Many protesters in Zagreb said that education was essential for the future of their children and the country as a whole and that they didn't want to be hostages of incompetent and irresponsible political elite.

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