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VIDEO - British Ambassador answers the big Brexit questions for Brits living in Croatia

Written by  Feb 25, 2019

As the 29th of March and date when the United Kingdom looms ever closer British embassies all over the European Union are pulling out all the stops to make sure that Brits are up-to-date with all the big questions.

The British Embassy in Zagreb have been working overtime to communicate the message, and to try to answer questions, of Brits living in Croatia. The latest addition to their series of public messages is a video featuring the Ambassador, Andrew Dalgleish. The Ambassador answers in front of camera all the major questions that Brits living in Croatia need to know, from their rights after Brexit, to permanent residence in Croatia.

uk ambassador croatia talks brexit 2019

Andrew Dalgleish talks Brexit 

In an extremely fluid, some might say chaotic, situation with the negotiations around whether the UK will leave the European Union with or without a deal. Or indeed whether Teresa May’s government will ask for more time to create a new deal, or tweak the existing one, it would appear that anything is possible. Of course this less than stable position doesn’t allay the fears of Brits living inside the European Union. With the possibility of a no deal looking more likely a so called “campaign of fear” has made UK citizens with an EU address even more nervous. But however disordered Brexit negotiations might look there appears to be a solid base with the work behind the scenes by the ministries, civil servants and diplomatic corps.

And as well as this new video the embassy have also announced a meeting for UK nationals living in Croatia. An outreach meeting in Zagreb where Brits will have the opportunity to put their own concerns and questions to embassy staff. For more information on this event follow the social media accounts of the British Embassy in Croatia.

Check out this video from the UK Ambassador to Croatia

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