Sunday, 19 May 2019

Leading Croatian political party projected to win six MEP seats in upcoming elections

By  Feb 19, 2019

In the upcoming European Parliament elections in May the ruling Croatian political party, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) is projected to win 6 of the 12 seats on offer to Croatian MEPs.

In a poll carried out by the European parliament HDZ looks out course to win six seats whilst the other six MEP seats will be divided between the other opposition political parties. The poll predicts that the Social Democratic Party (SDP) will win 3 seats, the conservative party Most one seat and the populist party Zivi Zid one seat.

According to the poll, which involved 1,300 Croatian voters, HDZ won 32.1 percent of votes, SDP almost 18 percent, Zivi Zid 12.3 percent and Most 7.4 percent.

If this prediction comes true then the leading political party would have the same amount of European Parliament seats, but the other six would be shared around differently, with a rise from Most and Zivi Zid, who both don’t have an MEP at the moment.

The number of MEPs that Croatia has increased from 11 to 12 thanks to the UK leaving the European Union and opening up extra seats for other nations.

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