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Central Bureau of Statistics reveals the average age of brides and grooms in Croatia

By  Feb 13, 2019

Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics published a number of interesting details from Croatia to mark the month of love!

Since tomorrow is the Valentine’s Day, they’ve published that according to the census from 2011 there are 11,646 women named Valentina in Croatia, 1348 men named Valentin and 1928 named Valentino.

One of the interesting information is that in the period between 1984 and 2017, the oldest bride was 92 and the oldest groom was 97-year-old.

In the sixties, men mostly got married at the age of 26, while women entered marriage at 23. At the beginning of the 21st century the average age changed and women mostly got married when 26, and men when 28 years old. In 2017, women married on average at 29, and men at the age of 31.

The Central Bureau of Statistics states that the look of invitations, cakes, wedding dresses and wedding customs are changing year after year, as well as the time of the year when most couples decide to marry.

-In the fifties, sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, the most popular months for pronouncing the fateful 'yes' were January, February and December. In the mid-1980s, the winter months were replaced by April and in the last 15 years most of the weddings were in the late summer or early fall, during September and October – Central Bureau of Statistics wrote.

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