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I do not see Croatia facing recession – Minister Ćorić

By  Feb 12, 2019

Unlike some other European nations Croatia is not facing a recession, at least according to the Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy, Tomislav Ćorić. Speaking to the media today Ćorić stated that the Croatian economy will grow by 2 percent this year and that the negative impact of the slowdown of other economies on Croatian tourism could see an increase in quality in this sector.

When asked about the theory that 2020 could see a recession on a global scale and whether it Croatia should be worried, he said that although there are signs of recession in some countries, primarily in Germany and Italy, he believes that the Croatian economy will continue to grow. "I do not see Croatia facing recession," Ćorić said.

He noted that the slowdown in economic activity in some other countries will affect a very important segment of the economy, tourism, but independently, it is certain that raising the quality of the tourism sector will "somehow address this problem".

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