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LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Over million roses imported to Croatia in February

By  Feb 12, 2019

Import of the roses increased last year from 330,000 euros in January to 482,000 euros in February, so a similar growth trend is expected this year – reports, adding that when comparing February 2018 to February of the previous year, rose imports increased for 11 percent, from 1.08 million to 1.28 million units.

According to, in 2017 1555 tons of cut flowers worth 8.3 million euros were imported into Croatia, which represents a decrease of 8,5 percent compared to 2016. Data for the first eleven months of last year show that this trend of falling import has been interrupted since flowers worth over 9.1 million euros (1663 tons or 23.8 million roses) until December 2018 were imported.

In 2017 the most flowers were imported from the Netherlands, Slovenia and Germany, and the most popular were freshly cut roses (563 tons worth 3.4 million euros) and cut flowers and buds suitable for bouquets (499 tons worth 2.8 million euros). In the first eleven months of 2018, rose imports rose to 4.3 million Euros (725 tons) and so far exceeded the whole of 2017.

Despite the extensive cultivation in the Netherlands, according to Eurostat data, the European Union imports ten times more roses than it exports. Most of the flowers on the European Union market come from Kenya, Ethiopia, Ecuador and Colombia, so it is very likely that roses from these exotic destinations can be found in our flower shops – it was said from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.