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Talgo trains to be introduced between Croatian and BiH capitals Talgo trains to be introduced between Croatian and BiH capitals

New trains between Sarajevo and Zagreb

By  May 31, 2016

The passenger railway line between Sarajevo and Zagreb will soon be improved by introducing Talgo modern tilting trains, announced Federation Rail of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a statement.

Rifat Cabric CEO of the company confirmed for Sarajevo newspaper Dnevni Avaz that the final preparations for Talgo coaches to be put into service are in the process and that two capitals will be connected within two months.

‘’Talgo maintenance team is already in Sarajevo performing technical inspection of the trains’’, said Cabric adding that all necessary permits have been issued in Croatia.

The existing railway line between Zagreb and Sarajevo operates with old coaches in poor conditions and takes more than ten hours.

The Federation Rail of Bosnia and Herzegovina bought nine sets of Talgo coaches from Spanish Talgo train company for 67.5 million Euros almost ten years ago. Even though the Spanish manufacturer delivered the coaches in 2010 they haven’t been put into service until now. This delay was accounted with various reasons mainly of a technical nature.

‘’After so many years of waiting the most important thing for us is to put these coaches into service’’, said Cabric. He also added that due to the limited capacity of the passenger railway traffic it might be necessary to rent a part of the coach sets to Turkish Rail.

The Talgo coaches are modern equipped with comfortable seats, internet, TV and shower cabins.

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