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Croatian and Italian ports join together in ADRIGREEN project

By  Feb 08, 2019

Green and Intermodal solutions for Adriatic airports and ports is a cross-border cooperation project co-funded by Interreg V-A Italy-Croatia CBC Programme with the aim to improve integration of Adriatic ports and airports with other modes of transportation in order to enhance the processing of passengers that are reaching the main touristic destinations located on Adriatic coasts and to improve environmental performances of the regional maritime and aviation system. The project with duration of 25 months (1 January 2019 – 31 January 2021) and a total budget of 2.104.217,00 Euro brings together some of leading Croatian and Italian ports and airports motivated to work together so as to make their facilities greener and more sustainable.

One of the main problem that characterize the Adriatic coastal area is the imbalance in the development of infrastructures and modes of transport, caused by low level of investments and insufficient approach to innovation. In Italy and in Croatia there are many maritime cities, which have to deal with a very high number of passengers, especially during the peak season. Even though the road transportation is still predominant, the number of people that are reaching Adriatic cities by ferries and airplanes is significantly increasing year by year. However, most of Adriatic ports and airports are suffering from lack of integration with various modes of transportation, causing serious traffic congestion problems during the summer season.

ADRIGREEN’s scope is to derive an innovative framework for supporting the Croatian and Italian airport and port to improve their environmental performances and connectivity with other modes of transportation. This will be based on several concrete and tangible outputs produced by the partnership through an integrate and transnational approach: i) international investigation on best solutions to be transferred on Adriatic coasts; ii) environmental assessments of involved ports and airports; iii) 2 Joint Actions Plans: intermodal measures and green and sustainable actions to be implemented; iv) testing of innovative solutions in involved territories; v) technical manual on identified practices; vi) cross-Border Forum of Green and Intermodal Ports and Airports to present solutions, explain benefits and share recommendations for new strategies.

The consortium with 10 partners is lead by Pula Airport (Croatia). The consortium is well-balanced in terms of involvement of ports and airports: Dubrovnik Airport, Dubrovnik Port Authority and Pula Port Authority from Croatia and Rimini Airport, Abruzzo Airport, Airports of Apulia, Southern Adriatic Port Authority, Central Adriatic Ports Authority from Italy. The scientific guidance is provided by the University Polytechnic of Marche.

Project Kick off meeting was held in Pula at 5-6 February 2019 where project partners were introduced and project activities, timeline and deliverables discussed.

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