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These are Croatia's Biggest Travel Trends in 2019

By  Feb 07, 2019

Luxury Travel Magazine has recently published an article bringing interesting information to all of their readers, titled ''Croatia's Biggest Travel Trends in 2019''. What caught our eye is the cover photo – showing, of course, the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. 

As the author explains, in 2018 short trips for festivals and gastronomic trips were trending, but they dropped in popularity due to new rising trends.

These are the biggest travel trends in Croatia according to the Luxury Travel Magazine:


Cruising is a rising trend when it comes to exploring Croatian coastline.
- Croatia has well over 1200 islands and one of the most beautiful coasts, full of historic towns, pristine nature, gorgeous beaches, crystal clear sea. There are endless possibilities for enjoyment and diverse activities and maybe the biggest benefit is being able to wake up in a different destination each day and get to explore the most of the country in the small amount of time – it’s written in the article.


Like it or not, influencers are still a thing and they will probably want to visit Croatia!
-Croatia is one of those places that has a unique location, stunning nature, historic towns, events and festivals, many Instagram photo worthy restaurant, bars, and cafes. It really showed that Croatia is truly trying to keep up with ongoing trends of the word Social media-inspired tourism will grow and those who wish can follow up with trends of today – Luxury Travel writes.


Wellnes holidays are one of the top choices nowday, when people are more and more aware that it's important to stay healthy on the inside and outside.
As Luxury Travel explains - Croatia, there are many amazing locations for relaxation but also active adventurous holidays. You can choose among many different activities such as hiking to some of the gorgeous mountains with best views, hitting the bike trails and cycle along the coast, spend a day on a half-deserted island to rejuvenate, do some morning yoga with near the sea… Or you can choose among many fitness resorts and hotels with holistic spas and bring your experience to a greater level.


One of the trends in traveling in general, but also in Croatia is – solo traveling! No surprises there, because Croatia is a very safe country.
-Croats are very friendly talkative people and many areas, especially in big towns, accept tourist with open arms and this is how some of the greatest friendships start – it's written in the article, with a conclusion that sometimes you just need some time for yourself.

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