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FUN FACT: The age of the oldest bride and groom in Croatia revealed

By  Feb 05, 2019

When it comes to love, age is just a number! That was proven by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, who shared an interesting fact about the oldest bride in groom in Croatia.

-Getting into a married community in the 10th decade of life makes it incredible to many. But there are those who have just done so and clearly show that it’s never too late for love! – Croatian Bureau of Statistics wrote on their Facebook page.

According to their data, in the period of 1984 to 2017, the oldest bride was 92 years old, while the oldest groom was even closer to 100 – 97 years old!

This might come as hope to all those who gave up love at their early ages, especially earlier than 100! It's never too late for love.

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