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The most common counterfeit banknote in Croatia is....

By  Feb 04, 2019

The two most common counterfeited banknotes in Croatia are the 200 Kuna note and the 50 Kuna note. Counterfeiting of Croatian banknotes isn’t really a common practice, presumably forgers concentrate on more common currencies such as the Euro and Dollar. This can be seen in the fact that 1,488 fake Euro bills were uncovered in Croatia last year.

In 2018 a total of 499 counterfeit Kuna banknotes were ceased by police, and the largest number, almost half, were 200 Kuna notes. Whilst the number of counterfeit notes was still relatively low last year it was actually double the amount of forged notes discovered in 2017. The central bank said that the forged banknotes did not cause any disruptions or any significant financial damage.

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