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Croatian millionaire Croatian millionaire

Stop for petrol and takes home 2 million

Written by  Feb 02, 2019

Croatia has a new millionaire after a lucky winner picked up a whopping 2.6 million Kuna in last night’s EuroJackpot. With the numbers 6, 29, 38, 45, 47 plus 2 and 3 nobody won the main prize with seven five correct number and two, so called, “Euro Numbers.” But a lucky winner from Croatia correctly guessed five numbers and a one Euro Number.

It was a fine margin, because the jackpot for all the numbers was a massive 49 million Euros. The Croatian winner was quite possibly stopped to fill up his or her car with petrol on the motorway and decided to buy a lottery ticket. As the location of the ticket was announced as a petrol station on the Rijeka – Zagreb motorway.

The next draw is next Friday and the main prize is a colossus 69 million Euro!

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