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Hilarious Video – having a drink in 189 KPH winds

Written by  Jan 26, 2019

Trying to have a drink when the cold north wind is blowing over 189 kilometres an hour will never be a pleasant al fresco drink. And this hilarious video released by the Storm Chasing Team shows just how difficult it is and just how hard the north wind blows in Croatia.

Whereas millions of tourists come to the Croatian coastline every year to enjoy the golden sunshine and baking temperatures hardly any of them get to see the other, winter face, side of the weather. These storm chasers found a rather unique, and funny, way to show just how hard the north wind, or bura, blows in Croatia throughout the winter. Just imagine what the wind chill factor is!

The video has shot in Senj in January this year and the guys try to enjoy a drink to warm up in the cold winds…it didn’t really go to plan.

Check out this funny video

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