Friday, 28 February 2020

Blood Moon to rise this over Croatian skies this Monday morning

By  Jan 20, 2019

In the early hours of Monday morning a full Moon's eclipse will occur, a so called blood moon. This spectacular astronomical event is relatively rare and happens when the Moon enters the whole shadow of the Earth, receiving a red and brown colour, the Croatian Astronomical Alliance said.

The moon will start to glow red at 3.36 am on Monday morning with the beginning of a partial eclipse at 4.33 am, the beginning of a complete eclipse at 5.41 am, the maximum of the eclipse will be visible at 6.12 am, the end of the complete eclipse is 6.43 am and the Moon's setting is around 7.41 am.

This eclipse of the moon will be the only complete one in 2019 and will be visible from the entire western hemisphere, Europe and the western parts of Africa, as well as from northern Russia, commented NASA. This would mean that with favourable weather conditions around 2.7 billion people could see the blood moon.

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