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Flu epidemic affects 8,500 people in Croatia and takes 9 lives

By  Jan 19, 2019

A flu epidemic is currently raging through Croatia with hospitals struggling to keep up with the number of new patients every day. According to official data from the Croatian Institute of Public Health nearly 8,500 citizens have been infected with flu in Croatia and so far 9 people have died.

According to medical experts the current flu epidemic is currently at its peak with more and more patients complaining of respiratory problems. Hospitals and doctors are warning people with flu symptoms to stay at home and to avoid closed, crowded spaces.

The Croatian Minister of Health commented that “The epidemic has now come to its peak. We urge all citizens to move as little as possible, and it would be good to avoid closed spaces with a lot of people. Zagreb was now a wave of flu. Most people can be treated at home. I believe we will soon be entering a more peaceful phase soon.”

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