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Dubrovnik property prices almost double the rest of Croatia

By  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 10, 2019

The most expensive real estate in Croatia is once again in Dubrovnik where the average price of a metre squared of property is double that of most cities in the country.

Over the past two years’ apartment prices have risen by as much as 13 percent across the country, while house prices rose by more than 7 percent, according to an annual analysis by the website Njuškalo, conducted on a sample of more than 150,000 real estate adverts from their base, reports Poslovni dnevnik.

Dubrovnik has by far the most expensive real estate in Croatia with the average price per metre squared of an apartment almost double that of an apartment in the capital, Zagreb. In 2018 according to results from the website the average price per metre squared for an apartment in Dubrovnik came in at a whopping 3,773 Euros. Meaning a good sized two-bedroomed apartment in the city will set you back over 200,000 Euros. In fact, the average price of an apartment in Dubrovnik has risen by around 16 percent over the past two years.

However, Dubrovnik is not the only Croatian city seeing an explosion of real estate prices. The average price of an apartment in Zagreb is now 1,961 Euros, an increase of over 10 percent compared to the end of 2017. The Dalmatian city of Split is currently seeing an upturn in tourism and this has maybe had an effect on property prices in the city. Split is the second most expensive city for real estate in Croatia with the average price of a property coming in at 2,792 Euros per metre squared. With an interested from foreign investors looking to find their place in the sun the property prices all along the Adriatic coastline and in the capital rose. It was only in the hinterland that house prices froze and even fell.

The average price of an apartment in Osijek was 963 Euros, whilst in Pozega you can find property at an average price of only 510 Euros.

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