Sunday, 16 June 2019
Sexist tram poster causes chaos Sexist tram poster causes chaos Pixabay

Sexist tram poster states that women who drink will have sex with strangers

By  Jan 05, 2019

A poster campaign to warn of the effects of excessive drinking in Zagreb trams has caused international outrage. The posters, which have appeared in the capital’s trams, were commissioned by the City of Zagreb and controversially claim that women who drink too much are more likely to have irresponsible sex.

Women who consume too much alcohol are, according to the message on the new poster, more likely to have “reckless sexual intercourse with strangers.” And these seemingly sexist posters have got a step further by saying that men who drink excessively will have problems with erectile dysfunction. However, they don’t mention that men who binge drink will have sex with strangers. Instead the message says that the posters say "among men it increases sexual desire, but diminishes sexual power and erection, resulting in loss of self-confidence."

tram sexual

Tram poster - Source Twitter

The UK publication “The Independent” has picked up this incident and published an article entitled “Outrage at sexist anti-drinking posters on Croatian trams.”

The posters were designed by Zagreb students and whilst the overall message is positive the way it was been conveyed it questionable. The City of Zagreb however don’t see anything sexist about the posters and has stated that they will remain on trams.

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