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Croatia still holds the throne as the stupidest country in the world

Written by  Jan 02, 2019

New year has brought some changes, but not on the website ''The Top Tens'' that creates the top ten lists based on the votes of its readers. For a couple of years now Croatia is on the first place of the ''Top Ten Stupidest Countries''. With 21 percent of the votes, our country beats USA (12 percent), North Korea (six percent), Serbia (four percent) and Central African Republic (four percent).

Voters are more than welcome to leave comments and explain why did they vote for that particular country and when it comes to Croatia, there are over thousand comments! Here are just some of them.

-Full "Nazi" nation. They believe in fascism and thinking that Germans will support them. Germany is changer after two world wars, but croats not. Very stupid nation.

- As Germans once said in the History: God, keep me from plague and Croats...

- Very nice country but... people will try to rob you as soon as you step in... from groceries to restaurants... also if you have enough money you can drive over people without penalties but be careful as if some of locals with enough money hits you it will be your fault as justice system is also corrupted

- If you are "different" you are not welcome here. They hate everything and everyone.

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