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Could Dubrovnik follow in Venice’s footsteps and introduce ticketing system?

By  Jan 01, 2019

Dubrovnik, Barcelona and Venice are often cited as the three Mediterranean destinations struggling to cope with over tourism. And Venice has now taken action to try and manage the amount of tourists visiting the city every year by introducing a scheme that will see visitors needing to purchase a ticket to visit the ancient destination. From this summer guests will have to fork out between 2.5 and 10 Euros to visit depending on the time of the year that they arrive.

The new taxes will be collected from all visitors, whether they spend a night in Venice or not, which is estimated at around 30 million people a year. The main target for this new ticket system is for guests that visit for one day and don’t pay the sojourn tax. Meaning that this new ticket system will mainly effect cruise ship passengers. The first estimates from the city authorities show that around 50 million Euros could be collected every year. It is believed that airlines and tour operators will add this extra cost into their pricing system.

"The costs for cleaning the historic city centre and for security have been borne by the inhabitants of Venice for years," said the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro.

Could this new tax, or ticket system, be something that the authorities in Dubrovnik adopt in the future? Presumably they will be watching the situation in Venice closely this year to see if this new tax actually works.

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