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Croatian police to be armed with new speed cameras in 2019

By  Dec 29, 2018

The Croatian police will be better armed to catch speeding drivers in 2019 as new cameras and laser devices are to be employed next year. 53 million Kuna will be spent over the next three years on new speed detection devices throughout Croatia as part of the National Road Safety Program.

The Ministry of the Interior signed a framework agreement for the purchase of speed measuring devices which will increase the number of such devices in the next three years by two and a half to three times, which should contribute to increasing the level of traffic safety on the roads, writes Poslovni Dnevnik.

Police currently have 26 fixed cameras throughout the country but that number will be drastically increased to 75 with the signing of this new contract. And as well as the fixed cameras the handheld devices will also be purchased, a total of an extra 150 laser speed measurers.

And for all those drivers who use their mobiles whilst behind the wheel these new laser devices will be able to recognise this traffic violation as well as whether drivers are using a seat belt.

And the whole system will be automated for 2019. As soon as a camera recognises a traffic violation it will send it, along with the cars registration number, to a central office where the fine will be sent to the offender. In the words of the Ministry this new system will speed up the penalization process.

In the first eleven months of 2018 there were over 30,000 traffic accidents in Croatia and to date 313 people have lost their lives on Croatian roads this year. The last hit weekend before Christmas in Croatia was about 3,700 traffic violations, and two people were killed. It is hoped that these new measures, as well as a general overhaul of the road safety throughout the country, will help to reduce these figures over the coming years.

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