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Google shares what was trending in Croatia in 2018 Photo by Google

Google shares what was trending in Croatia in 2018

By  Dec 14, 2018

Like every year, during December Google releases all the collected stats throughout the year! In Croatia, the most trending search is the World Cup – no surprises there – since Croatia made historical achivement and won the silver medal.

For Croatians, that was really amazing and exciting part of the year, so no wonder they ''Googled'' like crazy – the most trending search is, like mentioned the World Cup, in top five searches there is a Croatian player Dejan Lovren, most trending event is, you guessed, the World Cup, followed by single matches played by Croatia and in the most trending searches when it comes to persons – out of five, four of them are from the Croatian national team.

However, the mostly ''Googled'' person wasn't a football player. It was a legendary Croatian musician that sadly passed away this year – Oliver Dragojevic.


Top searches

1. World Cup 2018
2. Istanbul Convention
3. Istanbul Bride
4. Oliver Dragojevic
5. Dejan Lovren

1. World Cup
2. Handball championship
3. Croatia-England
4. Croatia-Russia
5. Croatia-Spain

1. Oliver Dragojevic
2. Dejan Lovren
3. Luka Modric
4. Zlatko Dalic
5. Ante Rebic