Thursday, 27 June 2019

$28 million windfall for World Cup efforts

By  Dec 10, 2018

Thanks to their unbelievable efforts in the 2018 World Cup in Russia the Croatian Football Association is richer to the hefty tune of $28 million. For the successful qualification at the World Cup the association will receive $20 million and for winning the silver medal a further $8 million.

And, according to the website, the windfall will be spilt 50-50 between the players and the Croatian Football Association.

And as a reflection of how they performed at the World Cup the players have decided to divide their share equally amongst all the players in the squad regardless of how many minutes they played. This all for one, one for all attitude perfectly sums up how the players played for each other as a team at the championships.

The same sum will be earned by the star captain Luka Modrić and the reserve players who hardly made it on the pitch. Meaning that each of the players will get around $454.545 gross.

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